2017 PGA Championship

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Fantasy Golf Majors Rules and Regulations

Scoring and Team Selections

Top golfers in world rankings that entered the field are broken into 6 flights

Golfer selection
Pick one golfer from each of the first 6 flights. Then pick 4 golfers from the remaining golfers in the field. These are your free agents. Team will be made up of 10 golfers, the winner will be determined by whoever's team has the lowest aggregate score of his/her Top 5 selected players who make the cut (this is automatic, you do not have to change your lineup throughout the tournament).

Missing the cut
If you do not have 5 players make the cut then you don't make the cut and are out of the running for that major’s pool.

In the event two participants have the same score relative to par at the end of the tournament a tie breaker will come into effect. Tiebreaker is the golfer's winning score of the tournament relative to par. Remember to input this at time of entry.

$10.00 per major
Free play is an option

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